Associate, an affiliate linking app for Amazon

For many bloggers and publishers, affiliate linking programs are a common way to boost your income when talking about products and services. Popular programs in the tech space include iTunes and Amazon (both used here at Noted), but a plethora of programs exist online across all manner industries. 

While gaining a small kickback from links on the site and social media is pleasant (and crucial for maintaining a business for many), often the process of generating those links is not. Clunky link generators or manually embedding tracking codes in links make the process tiresome and time-consuming. 

Developers Squibner solved the problem on iOS for iTunes links with Blink, a simple, intuitive and straightforward link generator for the iTunes Affiliate Program that allowed iPhone and iPad users to quickly create links to apps and media with embedded affiliate tokens and campaign tags. As a frequent Blink user, my process went from minutes of typing and fiddling to just a few taps (app links in this post were created using Blink on my iPad). 

Squibner is now turning its attention toward Amazon with its new offering, Associate. Launched today, Associate does for the Amazon Associates Program what Blink did for iTunes. Having tested the app for a week in beta, I can confidently state that Blink users will feel right at home with Associate's powerful in-app search, customizable link styles and variety of export options. Associate also has a Share Sheet extension that makes creating Amazon affiliate links from other apps — be it Amazon's own app, the web or any other app with a Share button — a breeze and, with support for Split View, you can be easily generate links on one side of the screen and insert them into your text editor on the other. 

Associate is a must-have tool on iOS for any member of the Amazon Associates Program. It does all of the hard work in converting your links and allows you to get back to work.

Associate is available for iPhone and iPad for $4.99