Overcast's Smart Speed vs. Real Time

Speaking of podcasts, an interesting piece from Evan Pederson on Medium takes look at the Smart Speed feature of popular podcast client Overcast

On a recent episode of Upgrade, Jason Snell and Myke Hurley were discussing how much time Smart Speed, a feature in the Overcast app, had saved them. For those unfamiliar with Smart Speed, it removes silences from an episode without distortion or distraction. The app also tells you how much time it has saved you (mine clocks in at 20 hours).

It's fascinating to see just how much time Smart Speed can save you per episode, as Evan demonstrates with a side-by-side audio comparison of Smart Speed and real time for the same podcast episode.

Smart Speed is the main reason why I love the app and use it for listening to all of my podcasts. For those interested, I've saved 17 hours (which I've no doubt used to listen to more shows). 

Source: Medium via Marco.org