Interested in promoting your awesome product, service or company directly with Noted’s readership? That’s great and we’d like to thank you for considering supporting us.

A weekly sponsorship of Noted is available. There is only one slot available per week. 

The weekly sponsor will have exclusive promotion of their product or service via the Announcement Bar (throughout every page) for the entire week with a link to a destination of your choosing. Sponsorship also includes a post on Noted featured in the Trending Bar on the home page, shared on social media channels, and in the RSS feed at the beginning of the week (with text that can either be provided or written by Adam Oram for you). Plus, you'll get a thank you tweet from the @notedtech and @adamoram Twitter accounts at the end of the week.

Get in touch with Adam Oram if you'd like to book a slot. 

An archive of all previous sponsors can be found here